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  • Lawrence Corey, MD
    Professor, Laboratory Medicine and Medicine
    Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics
    Co-Director, Vaccine & Infectious Disease Institute
    President and Director, FHCRC
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    Phone: (206) 667-6770

Dr. Corey specializes in herpesvirus, HIV and other infectious disease-related research. He participates in many projects at the Center and throughout the research community. Some of the projects in which Dr. Corey is currently involved in are: The Herpes Virus Research programs involve studies in HSV, CMV, HHV-6 and HHV-8. The genital HSV program has been the most longstanding, having had NIH funding since 1978. This program involves clinical investigations of HSV reactivation and transmission, laboratory-based studies on the cellular immunology of HSV, studies of HSV-HIV interactions, and studies to determine risk factors and control measures for neonatal herpes. In the last few years, the laboratory has emphasized developing an HSV vaccine. The context of this is to define the T cell responses to HSV, especially cytotoxic T cell responses as a means of developing CTL-based vaccines for immunotherapy or prophylaxis of genital HSV. The laboratory-based programs involve collaborations with Drs. David Koelle, Professor of Medicine, Chris Posavad, Research Staff Scientist, and Jia Zhu, Research Staff Scientist. The Clinical Research Program in genital herpes is directed by Dr. Anna Wald, Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington. Dr. Wald is medical director of the Viral Disease Clinic, a specialty clinic dedicated to a wide range of clinical studies on the frequency of HSV resolution, prevalence of HSV acquisition by vaccines and novel theories for HSV infections. Dr. Corey also directs the Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory and the Viral Diagnostic Laboratory. These laboratories have developed sensitive diagnostic tests for a wide variety of viruses causing clinically important infections in patients and are working to develop new techniques for molecular detection of viruses. The Viral Diagnostic Laboratory is located at Seattle Childrenís and performs diagnostic tests for important infections in children, including all the currently identified respiratory pathogens. The Program in HHV-8 infection encompasses studies of the transmission of HHV-8 and basic research to define the interactions between HHV-8 and epithelial cells, especially the mechanism of salivary excretion of HHV-8. This work is done with Dr. Anna Wald, Professor of Medicine, Dr. Corey Casper, Associate Professor of Medicine, and Jeff Vieira, PhD, Research Associate Professor of Laboratory Medicine. Clinical trials of interventions for HHV-8 are conducted in the newly formed Uganda Program on Cancer and Infectious Diseases under the direction of Dr. Orem Jackson of the Uganda Cancer Institute and Dr. Corey Casper at the Hutchinson Center. The Hutchinson Center Program in Infectious Diseases is interested in the prevention of CMV and HHV-6 infections in the immunocompromised host and the role these infections play in the morbidity of HSCT. The work on CMV infection is led by Dr. Michael Boeckh, Member of Clinical Research at the Center, and that on HHV-6 by Dr. Danielle Zerr, Associate Professor of Pediatrics. The HIV Research Program directed by Dr. Corey involves both laboratory and clinical investigation. Dr. Corey is the PI of the NIAID-supported HIV Vaccine Trials Network, a global network of clinical trials sites and laboratories dedicated to Phase I-III trials of candidate HIV vaccines. Other faculty members involved in the effort are Drs. Jim Kublin, Steve Self, and Julie McElrath. Training opportunities for postdoctoral fellows interested in learning vaccine biology and clinical trials are available within the network. The HIV laboratory program is devoted to defining persistent reservoirs of HIV infection. Laboratory work is coordinated with Drs. Tuofu Zhu and Jim Mullins of the University of Washington and Dr. Julie McElrath at the Center.

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