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  • Arnold Smith, MD
    Professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases
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The Smith lab seeks to understand the biology of Haemophilus influenzae, a ubiquitous bacterium, in humans and the mechanisms it uses in producing mucosal disease of the respiratory tract and sporadic invasive disease. The current focus is on regulation of gene expression, which differs from strain-to-strain and is both stochastic and directed; the role of intermediary metabolism in virulence is emphasized. A wide variety of model systems and techniques is used to gain insight into this bacterium. An additional pilot project is seeking to derive temperature stable protein vaccine to be used in the construction of protein-polysaccharide conjugates. The strategies used by Thermophiles is being used as a template for vaccine development.

University of Missouri, B.A., Biochemistry, 1958

Medical School
University of Missouri, M.D. and M.S., Biochemistry, 1964

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Invited Review
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