• Jaisri Lingappa, MD, PhD
    Associate Professor, Department of Global Health; Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Medicine
    Email: click here

The Lingappa laboratory is interested in viral-host interactions. Half of the laboratory studies how viral-host interactions are critical for virus assembly. Our virus assembly studies have demonstrated that HIV-1 capsid assembly proceeds through a step-wise, energy-dependent pathway in which cellular proteins are utilized to promote efficient assembly of progeny virions. We have identified a number of cellular factors that promote HIV-1 capsid formation, and we are studying how they function. We are also interested in identification of drugs that block steps in virus assembly and are currently studying the mechanism of action of novel virus assembly inhibitors that inhibits replication of alphaviruses. The other half of our laboratory studies how cellular proteins belonging to the APOBEC3 family of cytidine deaminases restrict HIV-1 replication in primary human cells. We have demonstrated that signaling pathways regulate the induction of these host defense proteins in primary human cells, and we are currently studying how modulation of these pathways by cytokines alters permissiveness of primary cells to infection by HIV-1.

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