• Xuan Qin, PhD, D.ABMM
    Director, Microbiology Laboratory; Associate Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine

Dr.Qin’s main research interests can be summarized in three areas: (1) Molecular diagnosis of bacterial infections in culture-negative specimens and rapid molecular detection and identification of pathogens significant in pediatric infections (such as Bordetella pertussis) and in cystic fibrosis patients (such as Gram-negative bacilli); (2) laboratory recognition and characterization of multidrug resistance in Enterobacteriaceae, primarily focusing on plasmid and chromosomal determined broad-spectrum resistance to beta-lactams; (3) antimicrobial resistance mechanisms associated with Small Colony Variant (SCV) phenotype and bacterial symbiosis in chronic infections. Her studies are primed by observations of infections through microorganisms on petridish and their deduced molecules, thus the pursuit of fundamentals of the balance between microbes, humans and the environment using laboratory tools. Molecular methods, such as real-time PCR and bacterial 16S rRNA partial sequencing, have been developed and successfully used in pertussis diagnosis, CF pathogen identification, Clostridium difficile enterocolitis, and microbial etiology in infections caused by fastidious/slow growing organisms or post-treatment culture-negative infections. Recent work is to collaborate with two ID faculties in an NIH-funded multi-center study of epidemiological trends in pediatric plasmid-borne, broad-spectrum beta-lactam resistance (PBLR) in Enterobacteriaceae that cause urinary tract and bloodstream infections.

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