• Judd L. Walson, MD, MPH
    Assistant Professor, Global Health, Medicine and Pediatrics, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
    Email: click here

My research focuses largely on the management and prevention of endemic infections as a means to decrease HIV transmission and to delay HIV progression. I am currently conducting a large, multi-center randomized trial of anti-helminthic therapy (treatment of intestinal worms) in individuals with HIV in Kenya to determine if deworming can delay HIV disease progression. In addition, I am conducting a trial to evaluate the potential benefit of adding insecticide-treated bednets and a point-of-use water filtration device to the basic package of HIV care in Kenya. My group is also investigating the effects of cotrimoxazole on asymptomatic malaria parasitemia in Kenya, and we are conducting a large study of over 15,000 children to determine correlates of invasive salmonella disease in Africa.

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