Light Box

The light box is made from readily available parts and is powered by 4 C batteries.

List of materials

The LEDs and resistors are all soldered onto a perfboard which is mounted to a clear acrylic sheet. All other electronics and batteries are mounted beneath.


The LED array and the electronics fit inside the box and rests on standoffs. Roller switches mounted on a bracket on the side of the box detect when an object is place on the light box. A paper diffuser (not shown) is placed in between the LEDs and the top of the box to provide a more uniform lighting.
The top of the box is cutout and a orange sheet of lexan is cut to fit. The orange lexan rests on top of the rocker switches and is guided by the top of the black enclosure.

A cutout is made in the bottom of the enclosure for easy access to the batteries. The battery compartment is covered with black lexan sheet (not shown).

The remote consist of a silent wall switch and a push button. The remote is powered by a 3V wall transformer.

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