Reaction Time

This system was developed to measure reaction time. It was designed as a replacement for an older system that was made with discrete electronics and a tested based computer interface. Most of the electronics were replaced with simple microswitches and relays while the timing and control are handled by a digital input output card and computer. The software is written in National Instruments Labview and can be easily modified for future changes in experimental protocol.

The front panel is designed with four response buttons and a home bar. Buttons and bar are lit with 3-color LEDs that can be mixed to create a wide range of colors. The panel and buttons are fabricated from acrylic and can be easily removed from the electronics for easy cleaning.

The subject places a finger on the home bar and after a preset time, one of the response button lights and timing starts.


The researcher is able to control and set all aspects of the experiment from an easy to use interface. All timing data is displayed on screen and recorded in a database for later analysis.

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