Program Structure

The GISE Certificate Program consists of 12 graduate-level credits. Autumn and winter quarters are linked and focus on integrated lectures encompassing systems engineering, project management, finance, and supply chain. In the spring quarter, participants complete an extensive team design project.


Autumn and Winter Quarters, 2016-2017

Schedule: Once a week integrated lectures on Thursday evenings (4:00-8:20pm) cover the following material:

Systems Engineering Project Management Finance Supply Chain

Top-down problem solving

Decision analysis

SE methodologies

Systems analysis

Requirements analysis

Functional modeling

Trade studies

Project initiation and selection

Project planning and scheduling

Spreadsheet models and tools

Risk management

Cash flows and costs

Critical chain

Monitoring and control

Time value of money



Sources of risk

Elements of cost

Risk-adjusted discount rates

Competitive business environment

Business profitability and margins

Global logistics & distribution

Managing inventory/optimal policies

Risk & coordination mechanisms

Mass customization

Vendor managed inventory

Bullwhip effect

As part of the integrated lectures, global topics will be addressed, because success in a global and interconnected world requires international knowledge and cross-cultural communication skills.

Cross-cultural communication skills:  Students need to understand how different cultures communicate so that effective working relationships can be established and how negotiation may be properly approached.  

International knowledge:  Students need to understand the effect that globalization is having on an enterprise with respect to organizational structure, international partners, virtual employees, outsourced projects, management skills, etc.


Spring Quarter 2017

Schedule: A two-day project initiation session, followed by Thursday evening sessions for project review and technical advising.  Final project presentations will be on the second Thursday in June, 2017.


The Design Project

The program concludes with a comprehensive team-based design effort involving a large-scale system. This project provides a culminating experience through which students bring together the systems analysis and design, project management, and financial modeling skills they have learned in the fall and winter quarters and apply them to a real-world problem using real data and presenting their results to an evaluation panel comprised of practitioners, academics, and client representatives. In the spring quarter, the teams will meet in person for two days at the beginning for project introduction, problem formulation, and team development; the teams will come together for the final presentation at the end of the quarter. In between, the teams will set their own schedules, but will come together, in person or virtually, every other class period for enrichment topics and project reviews.