About UW ISE

Industrial & Systems Engineering at the University of Washington isn’t just a department, we’re a community.  ISE students take courses from internationally renowned faculty, participate in creative, cutting edge research, and are involved in the ISE community through the student chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, the ISE honor society, and the Student Advisory Board.   We are known for our friendly, congenial atmosphere, the accessibility of our faculty and staff, and the inclusiveness of our community. ISE has 10 faculty members, 4 staff, 100 undergraduate students and 45 graduate students. The department has numerous adjunct, affiliate, and emeritus faculty, as well as research associates and lecturers.

 UW ISE prepares students for careers in a diverse and dynamic global society.  We give students the skills to serve as organizational change agents.  Students learn to take a systems view when solving problems that recognize the larger organizational and societal impact of technical decisions.  We offer B.S.I.E, M.S.I.E, and Ph.D. degree programs that lead to successful careers in this high demand field.  Our new Professional Master’s Program focuses on global integrated systems engineering, engineering leadership, and engineering entrepreneurship.  Students at all degree levels are involved in research with local industrial partners and increasingly in joint programs with the School of Medicine.

 There are a myriad of departmental events every year.  Career enhancing events include mock interviews and panel discussions with industry representatives, sessions on attending graduate school, and internship opportunities.  Social events such as the annual ski trip, the holiday party, the spring barbecue and the year end banquet are popular with students, faculty, and staff.   We host quarterly leadership seminars for students and alumni. Many of our alumni serve on the ISE Visiting Committee that advises the department on issues from the curriculum to the internship program. 

ISE graduates are in high demand from local, state, national and international sources. Our graduates work for Boeing, UPS, Starbucks, Microsoft, Philips Medical and Amazon, as well as companies, consulting firms and academic institutions in the US and around the world.

Welcome to Industrial & Systems Engineering at the University of Washington.

 - Dr. Richard Storch, Department Chair