Information for ISE Students

An online bulletin board containing information about scholarships/fellowships, internships/jobs, international opportunities, events, and topics of interest.
ISE Student Services Center
The reception area to the ISE advisor's office is located in Mechanical Engineering Building (MEB), room G7 which has information about ISE's undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as information about the College of Engineering and the UW.  The Master's students and certificate program advisor is located in MEB G15. 
ISE has the following facilities for student use in the Mechanical Engineering Building (MEB) and the Engineering Annex (EGA).  Door codes can be obtained from any ISE staff person.
  •      Undergraduate Lab:  EGA, room 153
  •      Graduate Lab:  MEB, room B14
ISE Student Computers
ISE students and students taking ISE classes have computer accounts just login with your UWNetid.  Please read this computing guide carefully.  All questions, problems, or concerns regarding computers, software, etc., should be directed to the computing support team at Please report all computing problems including broken computers, software issues, etc., to the team.  If you do not, the problems cannot be resolved. You can also visit the computing team website for more information. 
ISE Course Cancellation Policy
ISE has a policy that scheduled courses with insufficient enrollment may be cancelled prior to the start of the quarter.