ISE Conference Travel Policy

Industrial & Systems Engineering has access to funds from the University’s Graduate School to provide support for graduate students to travel to professional meetings to present the results of their research or to serve as invited speakers.  In general, funding will be approved on a first-come-first-served basis but we reserve the right to adjust this policy in order to maintain equity in the process.  Priority will be given to PhD and research Master’s students.  

Limited support may also be available from ISE for lodging, registration, meals and incidental expenses.  If more than one student is requesting funds to present a jointly written paper, please submit your requests together.


Gather the following materials in a packet to support your travel request:

1.  A Travel Request Form.  Fill out this form as completely as possible including the title of the research paper you will be presenting. 

2.  A brief note from you to the Chair explaining where you wish to travel.  Please list the paper’s title, describe the group that accepted the paper, and how the paper was selected (refereed, invited, or another selection process).   In addition please list any prior travel funds received from the department.

3.  A budget outline of all the costs for which you are requesting funding.

Submit this packet to the ISE Administrator in MEB G6B and you will be notified by email whether or not the travel is approved.  If your travel is approved, please work with the ISE budget office to arrange your travel to ensure compliance with the University’s travel policies and procedures.