Assignment of Graduate Student Cubicles

MEB B014 is the location of the graduate student work area, which is furnished with individual cubicle work spaces that are assigned to specific graduate students.  B014 also has a graduate student computer lab with 5 computers and a printer for use by any ISE graduate student.  The room code can be obtained from any ISE staff member. 

General B014 Guidelines
Food that is stored or prepared in B014 must be kept neatly in the refrigerator or in individual cubicles.  Please respect the common use areas (computer lab, conference table and chairs, couches and food preparation appliances) – do not leave your personal possessions lying around in the common areas, clean up after your own food preparation, and keep the common areas tidy as much as possible.  Anything left in the common area may be discarded.   If something is broken (coffee pot, refrigerator, etc.), please notify Kellus as soon as possible so that it can be addressed.
This is a shared work area for all ISE graduate students.  Your attention to preserving privacy and a quiet working space is appreciated.  If you must have an extended cell phone conversation or personal conversation, consider leaving the room for your conversation so that other students may do their work effectively.
All questions or problems regarding computers, software, etc., should be directed to ISE’s computing support team at  Paper for the printer can be found in the Xerox room, G12.  When printer cartridge is getting low, please email Jenny to let her know a new cartridge needs to be ordered.  You can also print to the Xerox machine in G12.  Just be sure to pick up your copies or they may be recycled. 
Cubicle Assignments
Cubicle assignments are based on seniority in the following order:
1.      Funded Ph.D. students
2.      Funded MSIE students
3.      Non-funded Ph.D. students
4.      Non-funded MSIE students

Assignments are made on a quarter-by-quarter basis. If you are not assigned a cubicle initially, you will be put on a wait list for the year.  Non-funded students may have to vacate a cubicle if it is needed for a newly funded student. 


Desk Keys


Keys to the desk are available from Jenny (MEB G10) for a deposit of $25.  The deposit will be refunded to you when the key is returned.

Vacating your Cubicle
Cubicles must be cleaned out completely when you graduate or a hold will be placed on your student records until all of your items have been removed.  



Students on Leave – Cubicle and Computing Access
Anyone on leave for more than one quarter will have to vacate his/her cubicle so that it can be assigned to another student.  Please alert Jenny before you go on leave.  If you will need access to your computer files while you are gone, email to make arrangements for access to your account.