Master of Science Degree Requirements

These requirements are in addition to other coursework/thesis requirements for degree completion.

All MSIE students are required to successfully complete INDE 591, INDE 592, and INDE 593, as well as one course from each of the following four sections:

Section A

512 (Introduction to Optimization)

513 (Linear Optimization Models in Engineering)

516 (Applications of Optimization in Engineering Design)

Section B

508 (Stochastic Processes in Engineering)

535 (Engineering Simulation)

Section C

521 (Quality Control in Manufacturing)

524 (Robust Design and Quality Engineering)

526 (Reliability in Product Design and Testing)

599 (Analytical Methods in Human Factors & Transportation)

Section D

543 (Virtual Interface Technology)

549 (Human Factors in Engineering Design)

570 (Supply Chain Systems)


The Master of Science program consists of a minimum of 41 credit hours.  You have two options for earning your degree. The thesis option is recommended for students who plan to pursue a doctorate.