Master of Science Thesis Option

Thesis Option
  • 18 Graded course credits in Industrial & Systems Engineering (500 level or above)
  • 11 Graded course credits in Technical Electives (a maximum of 9 technical elective credits may be taken at the 400 level)
  • 9 Credits of Master's Thesis (IND E 700)
  • 3 Credits of IE Seminar: IND E 591, 592, 593 (1 credit each)
  • 41 Total Credits
Thesis students are expected to:
  • Submit a Degree Plan to the ISE Academic Counselor by the end of the second quarter. The planned study list should reflect three or more quarters of scheduled classes which satisfy the requirements and complement the student's research interests. Students must select an advisor from the ISE faculty at this time.
  • Select Master's thesis committee members by the end of the third quarter. The committee should consist of at least three faculty members, at least two of which are ISE faculty (including the Chair). The third faculty member may be from outside of the department. Submit a thesis proposal (approved and signed by your committee Chair) to the ISE Academic Counselor before registering for IND E 700 Master's Thesis.
  • You must apply on-line with the Graduate School to graduate.  Master's Graduation Application (the "Warrant")
  • Present the thesis research in an ISE seminar, where it must be approved by the thesis committee and satisfy University requirements.
  • You are encouraged to bring draft copies of your thesis to the Graduate School's Thesis Advisor early enough in the quarter for any formatting problems to be resolved. Two copies of the final thesis must be submitted to the Graduate School (applicable binding fees must be paid), and one additional copy to the ISE Advising Office to be kept by the department by 5:00pm on the last day of the quarter.  An appointment with the Graduate School is required to submit their two copies (the only exception is during finals week, when walk-ins will be accepted). To schedule an appointment with the Graduate School, call 206-543-5900 or stop by G1 Communications.