Industrial Engineering


Just 15 years ago, 75 percent of industrial engineering graduates went to work in manufacturing. Today, most IE graduates go to work in service industries; logistics, biotechnology, and information management are booming fields, and industrial engineers often act as the maestros of interdisciplinary teams working on complex projects. UW Industrial Engineering has stayed at the forefront of these changes, and we're already anticipating the next wave of innovation with a strategic plan that concentrates on bio-industrial and integrated logistics systems.

But we need your help to secure our future as one of the nation's top-tier programs, so we can continue pursuing collaborative research, training first-rate industrial engineers, and contributing to our region's economic and industrial vitality.

Endowed chairs, professorships, scholarships, and fellowships are the core building blocks for the departments future. The nations other top engineering programs are fiercely competing for outstanding facultyboth those with significant track records and the rising young stars. Competition for top students is also key, as the creative synergy between faculty and students defines a program and makes great things happen. The most promising graduate students are drawn to schools with nationally recognized faculty and exciting research opportunities, and faculty are eager to join institutions with brilliant students who can help drive research forward.

Every year UW Industrial Engineering must compete with Stanford, Cal Berkeley, the University of Michigan, and other well-funded institutions. By making a gift you can play an important role in the effort to attract and retain the most outstanding faculty, to compete for the best students, and to ensure state-of-the-art laboratoriesas well as to support innovators who will improve our lives in innumerable ways.

Every gift is critical and will provide the resources to impact the students of today and tomorrow. The College of Engineering can work with you to tailor a giving program to your wishes. Contact us to find out how you can make a difference.

For more information about making a gift to Industrial Engineering, please contact Anne Fitzmaurice-Adams,, 206-685-3041.

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