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Why Industrial & Systems Engineering?

As an industrial engineer, your job and career choices are limited only by your imagination. If there is a better way, IEs are the ones who find it. Learn more >>

Why ISE at the University of Washington? 

If you have a keen sense of curiosity, a passion for solving problems, a desire to make a difference, and a willingness to work hard, ISE at the UW may be for you. Learn more >>

What Makes ISE so Interesting?  

What is Industrial & Systems Engineering?  Where do Industrial Engineers get jobs?  What classes would you take in ISE?  Where do UW graduates with ISE degrees go? - a power point presentation by ISE Professor Linda Ng Boyle.  Learn more>>

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The world needs industrial engineers now more than ever. Financial challenges should never be a barrier to education.  You can help make sure they are not.  Make a gift >> 

News & Events

INDE 591 Seminar Series Schedule

Industrial & Systems Engineering is hosting a series of seminars this quarter.  On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, our speaker is Ashis Banerjee, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington.  He will discuss “Data-driven discovery for enhancing large-scale manufacturing assembly and cancer care operations.”  His talk will take place at 1:30 p.m. in MEB 235.

ISE Faculty Position Opening

ISE seeks Faculty Candidates with strong analytical skills in the areas of human factors, production systems, and operations research.  Click here for more information.

ISE/ME Joint Faculty Position Opening

ISE and Mechanical Engineering seek faculty candidates in advanced manufacturing systems research areas.  Click here for more information.

Welcome Assistant Professor Ashis Banerjee!

ISE welcomes our newest faculty member, Ashis Banerjee!  Assistant Professor Banerjee will be joining us starting this Fall Quarter.  He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and worked as a Research Scientist in the Complex Systems Engineering Laboratory at GE.  We are very excited to have him join our department along with Mechanical Engineering!