Students Seeking Internships

ISE Internship Program Information for Students
An internship is a career-related work experience that integrates classroom theory with "real world" practical experience.  Participation in an internship provides important insight into specific companies and positions, and also allows for excellent networking opportunities!
Student Responsibilities and Expectations:
  • Only apply to positions that you are able to fulfill to completion
  • Maintain professional quality, effort, and enthusiasm throughout your experience
  • Familiarize yourself with company policies and procedures, and be sure to follow them
  • Work up to 20 hours per quarter during Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters; work up to 40 hours during Summer quarter
  • Maintain high academic performance as specified in the IE Continuation Policy
  • Complete a quick survey regarding your overall experience and the internship process
Internships can be offered in the following skill areas:
Lean implementations
Work sampling (time and motion studies)
Data collection and analysis
Quality control
Six sigma
Reliability and safety
Experiment design
Inventory management and control
Material handling
Operations research
Database management
Human factors and ergonomics
Engineering economy (cost/benefit analysis)
And the following skill levels:
Employers grade internships on four levels to provide the best possible match.  You should determine your skill level from the key below, and only apply to internships that match your skill level(s).  Keep in mind that some students may have a lower overall skill level, but have specific coursework that is relevant to a particular position (e.g. a sophomore who has taken Human Factors).  Use your discretion and apply to positions for which you believe you are legitimately qualified.
  • Level 1:  lower level student with an interest in industrial engineering.  Typically freshmen and sophomores who have completed some or all of the IE admission prerequisites.
  • Level 2:  lower level student with some industrial engineering background.  Typically sophomores and juniors who may have completed some IE coursework such as IND E 250, 315, 337, and possibly 410.  May also include students who have some relevant engineering work experience, but who have not yet completed IE coursework.
  • Level 3:  significant industrial engineering coursework.  Typically juniors and seniors who have completed one or more years of IE coursework, including IE core courses (i.e. IND E 250, 315, 316, 410, 411), and possibly additional IE technical electives.
  • Level 4:  significant industrial engineering coursework plus previous work experience.  Typically juniors and seniors who have held previous engineering-related internship(s), and/or have completed IE core courses (i.e. IND E 250, 315, 316, 410, 411), and some additional IE technical electives.
How to apply:
  • Log in to the IE internship website
  • Locate positions that are relevant to your interests and skill level
  • Submit your resume and/or cover letter to the company contact listed for your specific position(s)
For questions, contact the ISE department advisor at (206) 543-5041 or by email at