Industrial & Systems Engineering is a close-knit community of 9 faculty members, 141 undergraduate students, 116 graduate students, and 5 staff.  The department has numerous adjunct, affiliate, and emeritus faculty, as well as research associates and lecturers.
ISE Faculty & Staff Quick Directory
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Last Name First Name Title Email Phone
Banerjee Ashis Assistant Professor 206-543-5388
Boyle Linda Ng Chair & Professor 206-543-1427
Chaovalitwongse Art Professor 206-221-8045
Dutton Jenny Fiscal Spec./ Secretary 206-543-1427
Fromm Deborah Grants Manager 206-543-1428
Furness Thomas Professor 206-543-4608
Ghate Archis Associate Professor 206-616-5968
Heim Joe Research Scientist/Engineer 206-543-1427
Huang Shuai Assistant Professor 206-685-2953
Kohn Wolf Research Professor 206-543-1427
Liu Shan Assistant Professor 206-543-7593
Mastrangelo Christina Associate Professor 206-543-5439
Prusa Sheila Advisor, Masters and Certificate Programs 206-616-6719
Stone Kellus Administrator 206-543-5547
Tsai Jennifer Advisor, Bachelors and PhD 206-543-5041
Zabinsky Zelda Professor 206-543-4607