Wolf Kohn

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Dr. Wolf Kohn is a Research Professor in Industrial and Systems Engineering at the UW.   He is the founder and co-founder of two successful start-up companies: Clearsight Systems, Corp., and Kohn-Nerode, Inc. Both companies explore applications in the areas of advanced optimal control, rule-based optimization, and quantum hybrid control applied to enterprise problems and nano-material shaping control.

Prof. Kohn has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT, at the Laboratory of Information and Decision Systems.  Prof. Kohn, with Prof. Nerode of Cornell, established theories and algorithms that initiated the field of hybrid systems.


  • Hybrid control theory
  • Nano-material shaping control
  • Smart grid control
  • Enterprise systems with distributed control
  • Rule-based optimization

Professor Kohn has published numerous papers and book chapters and books in the areas of hybrid systems.  He is currently working on developing advanced solar generating systems and other smart grid applications.

His field of interest includes quantum hybrid control of open systems and multi-agent, multi-criterion, distributed control.

Dr. Kohn has been awarded 10 patents and has 3 patents in progress.  He consults widely with industry, in addition to participating in the growth of his companies.