Zelda B. Zabinsky


Phone: (206) 543-4607
Fax: (206) 685-3072
Email: zelda@u.washington.edu
Personal Webpage: http://faculty.washington.edu/zelda




Dr. Zelda B. Zabinsky is a Professor in Industrial & Systems Engineering at the University of Washington.  She joined the faculty at the University of Washington in 1985, after completing her Ph.D. in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Professor Zabinsky was awarded a Benton Fellowship for her graduate studies in Operations Research at the University of Michigan.


Professor Zabinsky has published numerous papers in the areas of global optimization, algorithm complexity, and optimal design of composite structures. 

Her field of interest is Operations Research; optimization algorithms and stochastic models, applications of optimization to engineering design (composite structures for aircraft fuselage) and applications of optimization in transportation.

Her work has appeared in Mathematical Programming, Journal of Global Optimization and the international journal, Composite Structures.  Her research has been funded by Boeing Commercial Airplane Company, NASA-Langley, FAA, and NSF.  She has also worked on applications of operations research in structural optimization, transportation, health care, forestry, and manufacturing.

Her book on "Stochastic Adaptive Search in Global Optimization" is available, at the publishers web site. A list of errata is found here. Her book was reviewed in Interfaces Vol. 35 Issue 4, 2005.


She is a member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, INFORMS (Institute of Operations Research and the Management Science), and the Mathematical Programming Society.