Early Admission

Who is eligible?

Early Admission is designed for UW students who have not completed all of the required prerequisites for admission, but have the MATH series completed, one ENGLISH course, and at least ten credits of the Natural Sciences.

Admission is extremely competitive for Early Admission as the number of students admitted is limited by space and resources.  The students who typically are admitted as Early Admission students are academically gifted and highly motivated students.  We hope to have early admission students engaged in undergraduate research and departmental activities during the sophomore year while they are completing their remaining prerequisites.  Early admission students will typically start their ISE coursework at the beginning of their junior year.

Students who exceed the typical number of credits established for freshman level status (more than 45 to 55) credits are encouraged to complete their remaining prerequisites and apply for upper division admission the following year.


Early Admission students must be enrolled at UW and complete the following. 

  • MATH 124,125, & 126 or equivalent.
  • 10 credits of physical sciences courses plus the accompanying lab at the level of PHYS 121/131, 122/132, 123/133; CHEM 142, 152.
  • 5 credits of English Composition.
  • At least 15 credits must have been earned at UW.