Undergraduate Admissions Prerequisites

Undergraduate engineering degree programs at the UW are divided into two stages:

Pre-engineering:  During the first stage, usually completed during the first two years of college, students take required courses in mathematics, sciences, and other fields.  These pre-engineering courses may be completed at the UW, at a community college, or at another four-year university.

Departmental Program:  After the required pre-engineering courses have been completed, students may apply for admission to a department program. If accepted, students begin a program of study in the specific engineering field.  Most students begin their ISE departmental program in the junior year.

There are three ways to be admitted to Industrial & Systems Engineering: 

  • Upper Division Admission - typically at the end of the sophomore year after completion of all the prerequisite courses. Prerequisites.

  • Early Admission - for freshman completing their first year in college plus specific prerequisites courses. Prerequisites. 

  • Freshman Admission - designed specifically for students applying to the UW as freshman. Freshman admission