Transfer Students

How to prepare

Many students choose to complete their pre-engineering studies at another institution and then transfer to the UW.  Most, but not all, transfer students accepted into UW engineering programs have transferred from Washington State community colleges.  The University of Washington Transfer Equivalency Guide shows how courses transfer from Washington Technical and Community Colleges. Students should review this page to make sure they  are taking the appropriate courses. 

Content and credits may be different at other institutions so using the guide is an important part of planning to ensure you have all the prerequisites you need.  Students should meet with an advisor as early as possible for assistance in planning what classes to take.

To become an ISE student at the UW, transfer students must apply and be admitted to both the University of Washington and the ISE department.  Admission to one does not imply admission to the other. UW Admissions information.


Transferring from out-of-state schools or schools other than Washington State Technical and Community Colleges
Transferring from other four year schools or out-of-state schools is more challenging when determining course equivalencies.  Students should start the process early: collect documentation on courses and make sure that the documentation shows what material was covered and what text was used.  Visit departmental web sites for comparisons or, if necessary, meet with each specific department to determine course equivalencies prior to the application process.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a mechanism for evaluation of credits before a student has been offered admission to the University of Washington and accepted that offer.

ISE Admissions Prerequisites


Frequently Asked Transfer Student Questions

Where can I find the application for Upper Division Admission?
Please see the Application Procedure instructions


What if I don’t have all the prerequisites completed by the application deadline can I still apply?

You can apply to the department with one course in progress at the time of application and still be considered for admission. You must be enrolled in the course during the quarter you apply, and have it completed by the end of that quarter.

What if I can’t get all the prerequisites complete, can I still apply and take them sometime later?

No.  The prerequisites were chosen because they contain material that you will need in order to be successful in completing the departmental course work.