Industrial Engineering

Student Services Center

Mechanical Engineering Building, room G7

This anteroom to the IE advisor's office contains the following resources:

Undergraduate Program Information
-course descriptions
-IND E 499 special project forms
-quarterly department time schedules
-scholarship information
-BSIE curriculum information
-continuation policy
-technical elective request form
-technical elective list
-VLPA/I&S lists
-BSIE/ACMS double degree information
-Senior Design project brochures

Graduate Program Information
-IND E 599 special project form
-MSIE curriculum information
-PhD curriculum information
-suggested technical elective list
-MSIE program requirements
-PhD qualifying exam information
-Request for General Exam forms (PhD)
-Request for Final Exam forms (PhD)
-Supervisory Committee set-up forms (PhD)

Additional Resources
-IE student computer
-small IE library (including sample IE theses and dissertations)
-binder of IE course syllabi
-petition for on-leave status forms
-late add petition forms
-Grad School petition forms
-Registration transaction forms (audit, time conflicts, variable credits, section change, erroneous course drop, drop duplicate section, add due to esl reqs, adding out-of-quarter course)
-Returning student re-enrollment application

College of Engineering/UW Program Information
-WISE brochures
-Co-op information
-Global Trade, Transportation, Logistics brochures
-International Development Policy & Management brochures (Evans School)

To set up an appointment with the IE Advisor, please email