Institute for Ethnic Studies in the United States (IESUS)


As of 2011, unfortunately, IESUS is no longer offering funding. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Best of luck to those who are doing this important and necessary work!


Through the support of The Graduate School Fund for Excellence & Innovation (GSFEI), the Institute for Ethnic Studies in the United States was established in the University of Washington Graduate School in 1981 to encourage multi-ethnic, and ethnic-specific multi-disciplinary research on problems or issues pertaining to members of ethnic minority groups, particularly those living in the Pacific Northwest. Its thrust is toward generating significant scholarly publications and other scholarly activity.

IESUS aspires to generate scholarly input about ethnic studies by creating new knowledge and by stimulating and supporting the scholarly activities of relevant faculty (i.e., particularly junior faculty). Our support for current research and scholarship could, of course, take the form of paying for the support services for the completion of manuscripts (e.g. transcription services, image production, publication fees, etc.), or assisting in the completion of an on-going research project. The primary goals of the IESUS are as follows:

  • To support research and scholarly activities of faculty members, especially less senior ones.
  • To support the preparation of grant proposals for external funding by relevant faculty relative to the goals of the Institute.

The assumption in setting forth the above goals is that the Institute should build for the future by supporting present research productivity to develop our national visibility to the point where we can more readily gain research grants.

Application and Deadlines

Proposals are accepted twice a year: November 15th and April 15th. Decisions will be made within six weeks of submission.

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List of previous grantees

Contacting us

You can contact the Institute at:, (206) 616-6610 (please leave a message for Kelly Koo), or University of Washington campus Box 351525. Applications can be submitted to Dr. William George, Box 351525, or dropped in his mailbox located in Guthrie Hall.

William H. George, Ph.D., Director
Kelly H. Koo, M.S., Research Assistant

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