Announcing the 2013-2014 IGERT Fellows: iPOC Cohort 3

The UW IGERT Program on Ocean Change is proud to announce its 2013 Fellows. Fellows were selected from an impressive group of highly qualified applicants. Many thanks to the selection committee for their thoughtful review of applications.

Congratulations and warm welcome to:

Pamela Barrett, Oceanography. Advisor: Joe Resing

Kate Crosman, Evans School. Advisor: Craig Thomas

Megan Gambs, Oceanography. Advisor: LuAnne Thompson

Steve Po-Chedley, Atmospheric Sciences. Advisor: Quang Fu

Eleni Petrou, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences. Advisor: Lorenz Hauser

Merrill Rudd, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences. Advisors: Trevor Branch, Ray Hilborn

Hally Stone, Oceanography. Advisor: Neil Banas

Michael Tillotson, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences. Advisor: Tom Quinn


These students will form the Program’s third interdisciplinary cohort and will join the Program’s prior awardees in pursuing integrative approaches to the study of ocean change.

We look forward to a productive and exciting year ahead!

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