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Mussels lose their grip in higher ocean temperatures

Work by IGERT faculty member Emily Carrington (Biology) and IGERT Cohort 2 fellow Laura Newcomb on how environmental factors effect how mussels   IGERT faculty member Emily Carrington (Biology) and IGERT Fellow Laura Newcomb mentioned in this UW News article.

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UW faculty and senior undergraduates launch ocean acidification mesocosm experiment at Friday Harbor Labs

The Ocean Acidification Research Apprenticeship course (OCN 492), lead by Dr. Jim Murray (UW Oceanography) have begun their series of mesocosm experiments at the UW’s Friday Harbor Labs. The students have been maintaining a blog about their science efforts, accessible

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Cyclone did not cause 2012 record low for Arctic sea ice

By Hannah Hickey News and Information It came out of Siberia, swirling winds over an area that covered almost the entire Arctic basin in the normally calm late summer. It came to be known as “The Great Arctic Cyclone of

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