IHART Program

IHART Program

The IHART program offers individual mentorship, scientific and cultural/tribal consultation, and research and grant development training. Up to five fellows each cycle will be selected for a 24-month training program. Each fellow, a junior to mid-career scholar, is paired with an experienced senior scientist who will collaborate with him or her to plan a pilot study and provide additional research- and grant-related mentoring.

Program activities include:

  • Two structured (two-week-long) Summer Research Institutes
  • Two brief (two days) Winter Research Roundtables
  • Four tele-lectures via the IHART website

Program resources include:

  • Online support via the IHART Web site and Native HIV/AIDS research listserv
  • Pilot project development seed funding/course buy-out
  • Financial support to attend conferences and workshops
  • Access to editorial, statistical, and behavioral science expertise and consultants

Who can apply for IHART?

  • Junior and mid-career scientists who have not previously served as a PI on a NIH RO1 over $150,000/year
  • Indigenous and underrepresented minority scholars, and non-Native researchers working with Native communities