Karina Walters Addresses NIH

Speaking on the topic of “Innovation in Methods and Measures of Historical Trauma and Microaggression Distress,” Karina Walters, MSW, PhD, participated in the National Institutes of Health 2013-14 WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON Lecture Series on June 4. The lecture is available online here: http://videocast.nih.gov/summary.asp?Live=14156&bhcp=1.

Pilot Research Publications Accepted

Several publications based on IHART pilot project research are pending by author and former IHART Fellow Andrew Jolivette, PhD,  Associate Professor and Chair, American Indian Studies, San Francisco State University. They include a single-authored book manuscript, Indian Blood: Decolonizing Gender, Sexuality, and Mixed-Race Identity in the Face of Colonial Haunting;  “Indian Blood: Two-Spirit Cultural Dissolution, Mixed-Race Identity, and Sexuality—A Journey of Return,” chapter in Sociologists in Action: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality, Editor Jonathan White (Sage, 2014); and “Two-Spirit Cultural Dissolution: HIV and Healing Among Mixed-Race American Indians,” in Mixed 2.0, Edited by Uli Ryder and Marcia Dawkins, Spring 2014.

Mousseau Receives CRCAIH Funding for Mindfulness Study

IHART Fellow Alicia Claire Mousseau, PhD (Little Wound School, Oglala Sioux Tribe) was one of five investigators to receive funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as part of the Collaborative Research Center for American Indian Health’s (CRCAIH) inaugural pilot grants program. Dr. Mousseau’s pilot study is titled,Using mindfulness to reduce risky behaviors among American Indian youth.

Melissa Walls Publishes New Book on Indigenous Adolescent Development

Melissa L. Walls is co-author of Indigenous Adolescent Development: Psychological, Social and Historical Contexts, published in December 2013 by Routledge. The volume explores the first four waves of a longitudinal diagnostic study of Indigenous adolescents and their families and is co-authored by study investigators Les B. Whitbeck and Kelley J. Sittner Hartshorn. Melissa Walls, PhD, is a member of the second cohort of IHART fellows and assistant professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School at Duluth.

New Fellows Orientation

New IHART Fellows participated in a webinar Orientation program where they virtually met each other and members of the IHART Administrative Core. During the orientation, IHART faculty Drs. Karina Walters and Bonnie Duran provided an overview of the program. Fellows introduced themselves and their research, and identified possible mentors selected from the IHART advisory boards.