Non-UW Opportunities in International Health

Please contact the organizations listed below with any questions. IHG does not specifically endorse any of the following programs.


AMSA International Health Electives for Medical Students

AMSA Fellowships and Programs These include the Mabelle Arole International Fellowship (for students accepted to medical school, but who have not yet begun medical school), and the Washington Health Policy Fellowship Program.

Ben Kean Traveling Fellowship This fellowship provides travel expenses for medical students who arrange clinical or research electives in tropical areas.  The application deadline is May 1, 2004.

Baylor College of Medicine offers a Senior Medical Student Immigrant Medicine Elective .

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer Student Fellowships in International Health. CDC centers, institutes and offices will be invited annually to describe the international health fellowship opportunities they can provide to students in conjunction with a CDC-supported program or a collaborating institution in another country. Selected students will be able to apply for stipends of up to $3,000 for travel and per diem only for one of these international experiences.

Child Family Health International offers clinical programs in Ecuador, India, Bolivia and Mexico for medical, pre-medical and nursing students.

Columbia University offers international health electives.

Cross-Cultural Solutions International Volunteer Programs offer the opportunity to travel overseas to Asia, Africa and Latin America to volunteer with local non-profit organizations. Short and long-term assignments are available.

Fogarty International Center / Ellison Overseas Fellowships in Global Health and Clinical Research support one-year clinical research training experiences for graduate level U. S. students in the health professions. Students experience mentored research training at top-ranked NIH-funded research centers in developing countries. Fellowship sites include: Botswana, Brazil, Haiti, India, Kenya, Mali, Peru, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda and Zambia.

GVN: Global Volunteer Network is a private NGO based in New Zealand. GVN currently offers health-related and non-health related volunteer positions through partner organizations in China, Ecuador, Ghana, Nepal, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, Thailand and Uganda. Through the program in Uganda, volunteers can become involved in Education and Training for AIDS Orphans, the Primary Health Care Project, HIV/AIDS Prevention & Counseling Program, and the Community Development Program. For more information please contact Colin Salisbury, Executive Director, Global Volunteer Network, Tel. (011-64-4-569-9080).

Health Emergent International A faith based volunteer health organization. Please contact Dr. Elizabeth Lehman Taylor (a UWSOM alumna) for further information. Tel. (425) 392-9684.

International Medical Volunteers Association is a nonprofit organization that promotes, facilitates, and supports voluntary medical activity through education and information exchange. Their interests are primarily in developing countries. IMVA provides information about volunteer opportunities and offers practical advice on how to find and choose compatible assignments. The IMVA assists volunteer-seeking organizations, principally non-governmental organizations (NGO's), in locating volunteers to work in their programs and by providing a forum for project cooperation, information, equipment and supply exchange. For more information on IMVA, please contact International Medical Volunteers Association, P.O. Box 205, Woodville, MA 01784, Tel. (508) 435-7377, Fax (508) 497-9568, e-mail

Physicians for Human Rights is offering internship opportunities to undergraduate/ graduate and medical/nursing students with an interest in human rights.

O. C. Hubert Student Fellowship in International Health is designed to encourage students to think of public health in a global context. The fellowship provides third and fourth year medical students an opportunity to gain public health experience in an international setting. Hubert fellows spend 4-6 weeks in a developing country working on a priority health problem in conjunction with CDC staff. Through these experiences, students establish relationships with, and receive training from, recognized experts from CDC and other national and international health agencies. Each year up to 7 fellows are selected to participate in the program and receive a stipend of $3000 to cover travel costs. For more information contact the CDC's Epidemiology Program Office at (404) 639-4774.

Global Internships is sponsored by the Oregon university system and offers internships around the world to university students.

International Mission in Medicine The International Mission on Medicine in Australia, South Africa, China or Brazil gives undergraduate students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with distinguished medical leaders, researchers and practitioners to gain a head start toward their career goals. Faculty advisor position needed to co-lead one of their international programs.



BOTUSA Project, Botswana Research Fellowship for 4th year medical students.

Global Service Corps (GSC) provides cross-cultural learning and community service adventures for adults in Tanzania and Thailand. Short-term (two to four weeks), long-term (two to six months), and student internship programs are available. Please see listing under South-East Asia for more information.

Helping Hands Health Education provides medical volunteer opportunities in Nepal and Namibia.

Holy Family Hospital in Berekum, Ghana: A Catholic Diocesan Hospital, is the only level C hospital in Berekum District, Brong Ahafo region. The hospital was founded by the Medical Mission Sisters in 1948 and has 163 beds. The hospital has a strict pro-life policy; for family planning methods clients are referred to a government clinic in Berekum. For more information, contact Dr. Anthony Ofosu, District Director of Health, Ministry of Health/Holy Family Hospital, Ministry of Health, Box 282, Berekum, Ghana, Tel. 011-233-64-222-230, Dr. Ofosu is interested in having 3rd and 4th year medical students or public health students work at the hospital.

Operation Crossroads Africa sponsors three programs: two 7-week summer programs and a semester-long service learning program. The Crossroads summer consists of three orientation days in New York City, six work weeks on a development project, and one travel week in the host country. The program runs from mid-June to mid-August. More information and an application form are available in A-300 or by request for students at sites outside Seattle.

International Alliance in Service and Education (IASE): 4-8 week international health experiences in South Africa and Mexico. IASE's objectives are to promote health and education in underserved communities and provide service learning opportunities abroad for student to reflect on international moral responsibility and professional goals.

The opportunity in South Africa is for 3rd and 4th year medical
students. The program offers: urban/rural community health experience,
community research, medical seminars/classes, training in international health &
education, African language and culture, educational field trips.

Ghana Health and Education Initiative For all positions, we are looking for people who believe that human rights include education and health and that people in Africa deserve the same quality of life and freedom as those of us in North America. None of these opportunities are programs as such; they are opportunities to partner with current members of GHEI and with the village population to advance health and
education in the village.

Application deadline March 1st, 2004


Chole Health Center, Tanzania
c/o Jackie and Rob Barbour
Kahama Mining Corp
Level 2
International House
Dar es Salaam
Tel. (011-255) 222-666-477

Dr. Scott Kellerman is a board-certified specialist in internal medicine and infectious diseases, who working with the pygmies in sub-Saharan Africa. To find out more about opportunities to work with him in his clinic please contact him directly.


Interhealth South America Program in international health and medical
Spanish in Ecuador for this summer for first year medical students. The program is intended to serve as an introduction to the practice of medicine and health care in a Latin American cultural context, in addition to providing language immersion and medical Spanish language instruction.

We will coordinate summer sessions for both beginning level and
advanced beginner/intermediate Spanish speakers.

Contact: Don Wedemeyer, MD, Marta Alarcón, MD, Interhealth
South America, 4202 E. Fowler Ave., USF 30404, Tampa, FL 33620,

Rainforest Health Project is a non-profit, international relief organization providing humanitarian medical assistance to the people of the Peruvian Amazon. Four times a year, medical and non-medical volunteers travel to the Amazon Basin to provide humanitarian medical assistance to villagers in need, while working hand-in-hand with traditional healers or Shaman.

Brazilian and Peruvian opportunities through Dr. Gottfried Schmer, Emeritus Professor of Laboratory Medicine, University of Washington

Opportunities in Manaus/Amazonas, Brazil
  • Dr. Sinesio Talhari, Professor, Dermatologia Tropical, Jefe, Dpto de Dermatologia Tropical, Instituto de Medicina Tropical do Amazonas, 69.000 Manaus/AM/Brazil, Fax (011) 55-92-234-2289. Speaks English well, top reputation, WHO consultant on global control of leprosy.
  • Dr. Luis Carlos de Lima Ferreira, Instituto de Medicina Tropical do Amazonas. Top histopathologist, particularly for histopathology of tropical skin diseases. Speaks English well.
  • Marlaine Martins, MSc, Instituto de Medicina Tropical do Amazonas. Parasitologist with focus on intestinal worms.
  • Dr. Flavio Barros, Jefe, Divisao de infectologia do Hospital Tropical, AIDS, Instituto de Medicina Tropical do Amazonas.
Opportunities in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
  • Dr. Edgar Carvalho, Chefe, Servico de Immunologia, Universidade Federal de Bahia, Hospital Universitario Prof. Edgar Santos, Rua Joao das Botas s/n-Canela, 40.110-160, Salvador/Bahia/Brazil. Worldwide reputation in the immunology of leishmaniasis. Has grants from NIH. Speaks excellent English.
  • Dr. Almerio Machado, Professor & Chefe, Departamento de Medicina, Interna, Universidade Federal de Bahia, Av. Reitor Miguel Calmon, s/n Vale do Canela, 40.110-100 Salvador/Bahia/Brazil, Fax (011) 55-71-241-1585 or -245-0822. Speaks English well.
Opportunities in Peru
  • Dr. David Freedman, Professor, UAB Travel Health Clinic, Division of Geographic Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham, AL 35294-2170. Dr. Freedman and Dr. Gotuzzo lead the Gorgas Program in Peru.
  • Dr. Eduardo Gotuzzo, Professor & Jefe, Instituto de Medicina Tropical Alexander von Humboldt, Universidad Peruano Cayetano Heredia, A.P. 4314 Lima 100, Peru, Tel. (011) 511-4823-401 or -903 or -910. Fluent in English.
  • Dra. Elaine Chavez Granados, Medico misionero, A.B.C. Prodein, San Andres 321, Apartado 413/Cusco/Peru, Fax (011) 518-4228-439. Catholic missionary who attends to the Quetchua Indios, must have strong clinical skills to work with her.

University of Texas Health Sciences Center offers a border health elective. Learn the urgent issues of international health at the crossroads of the Americas, the U.S-Mexico border.

International Alliance in Service and Education (IASE): 4-8 week international health experiences in South Africa and Mexico. IASE's objectives are to promote health and education in underserved communities and provide service learning opportunities abroad for student to reflect on international moral responsibility and professional goals.

The experience in Mexico is open to undergraduate, graduate, and
medical students, and offers: urban/rural community health experience,
community research, seminars/classes, Spanish language/medical Spanish
training, training in int'l health & education, educational field

Gorgas Memorial Institute Research Award This award is designed to enhance and facilitate the development of scientific linkages between Panama, nations of Central America, tropical and sub-tropical South America and the Caribbean Islands, and the United States and Canada through support of short-term travel for young research investigators from these regions.  The application deadline is August 1, 2004.


Himalayan Health Exchange and the Office of Health Care Program For Tibetans in Ladakh will organize the following medical/dental camps in the remote Himalayan regions of Indo-Tibetan Borderlands, North India and Nepal. Participation for all expeditions is open to: physicians, dentists, nurses and medical, dental, nursing, pharmacy and P.A. students. Each trip is designed to provide care to approximately 1200 underserved patients and to expose participants to international health work. Participation on each trip is limited to 18. Participants will work alongside physicians and dentists in non-traditional clinical set-ups. Participants are responsible for arranging their own funding to cover trip cost and must be willing to put in a minimum of 6-8 hours of clinical work, each day, for seven days straight on each camp. For more information, e-mail You may also contact Ravi I Singh at (404) 929-9399 or Dr. William Norton at (912) 685-5997 or

Helping Hands Health Education provides volunteer health opportunities in Nepal and Namibia.

MedicIndia MedicIndia is a not-for-profit public service fellowship introducing
first-year medical students to social service, development, hands-on-experience, and India. Each year, MedicIndia selects young professionals for a six-week summer service fellowship at the New Civic Hospital in Surat of Gujarat, India. Fellows will spend their time rotating through various specialties (including general surgery, pediatrics, rural healthcare, psychology, and various surgical branches). MedicIndia is driven by a desire to provide increased health services to a developing community. Also, the fellowship looks to expose students to the strength, people, and traditions of India.

The 2004 application deadline is March 8, 2004.

City of Joy Medical Education and Relief Project the department of Internal Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University (USA) has established the City of Joy Medical Education and Relief Project, which provides free healthcare and medicine to indigent patients in (rural and urban areas of) INDIA, and educates U.S. students and physicians about: 1) alternative medicine, healthcare system, culture and spirituality of India; 2) pathophysiology and management of diseases that are specific to India; 3) how Indian physicians deliver patient care with limited resources to a large patient population and perform cost-effective and highly skilled bedside diagnosis without depending on sophisticated technology.

Please visit and select "Catalog
2003-2004" and then enter course# "4459".

Contact:, cc


ASSORV: Association for the Support of Orphans in Vietnam
USA website French website
Every year ASSORV, a secular French non-profit group, organizes a trip to South Vietnam with a group of 30+ volunteers. The team includes French physicians, dentists, allied health professionals but also students and other volunteers of various background.

Global Services Corps (GSC) sponsors international health internship
programs in Tanzania and Thailand. These programs expose pre-med,
medical and public and international health care students to health
issues in developing countries and give them some hands-on experience.
The summer internships last ten weeks and begin in both June and July.

The Thailand Health internship provides opportunities for participants
to work at Thai hospitals or clinics where they observe and assist
Thai health professional counterparts. Past participants have observed
operations in the operating theater and assisted with medical
procedures based on their training and experience. Participants also offer
conversational English training to their Thai counterparts.


Global Service Corps
300 Broadway, Suite 28
San Francisco, CA 94133
415/788-3666, ext 128

Community Medicine at Chiang Mai University, Faculty of Medicine,
Department of Community Medicine

This is considered a clinical elective but does not involve a
lot of direct patient care. The international students are paired with Thai
students/professors who can act as interpretors, but is not
taught primarily in English. The rotation involves direct exposure to
community health care/public health in Thailand. Components include visiting
primary care units, community hospitals, home visits to monitor patients, village
forums to discuss public health issues.

Cost: Tuition in 2003 was approx 14,500 Baht for 5 weeks. (About $362.50
at current exchange rates)

Housing: Student is responsible for their own housing in Chiang
Mai, housing provided at community hospitals.

Contact: Dr. Ratana Panpanich, Department Head
110 Intawaroros Road
Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand
Tel. 011-66-53-945474
Fax 011-66-53-945476

Tropical Medicine at the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol
University located in Nakhon Pathom near Bangkok

This is a four week elective with a very well-known University.
Mahidol is a research partner with the WHO and location of the SEA-MEO (southeast Asian coalition on malaria.) The work involves classroom, clinical
infectious disease, and site visits to locales such as the snake farm to learn more
about common tropical diseases. This is a very well-reviewed elective.

Contact: Phanorsri Attanath
Assistant Dean for International Relations and
Information Technology,
Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University
Bangkok 10400

For official application, after contacting Dr. Phanorsri, contact:
Sethavudh Kaewviset
International Relations Officer
Faculty of Tropical Medicine
Mahidol University

Cost: Tuition in 2004 is $400 for 4 weeks

Housing: Housing is not provided, there are some housing
options at the International Guest House on campus.


Refugee Cam Project (ReCap): a unique 4-week program at the Al-Quds University in Jerusalem and the Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem, starting March 27th. 15 medical students from all over the world will be chosen to come to Palestine and work together with Palestinian students in the camp.

Please contact for any further information.