The facility offers tomographic capabilities (in vivo microCT and optical projection tomography [OPT]) to all members of the Seattle Children’s Hospital & Research Institute as well as the University of Washington on an affordable fee for service basis. External researchers may also apply for access to the facility.
Tomographic imaging offers both qualitative and quantitative analysis of biological and non-biological samples in 2, 3 and 4 dimensions. Tomographic imaging provides resolutions much greater than MRI and on much larger samples than confocal microscopy. Importantly the imaging modality is non-destructive so all samples can be retrieved for other routine laboratory procedures such as histology or confocal analyses.
For examples of the types of specimens already imaged at SANTA, click on the “About SANTA” header or the “Galleries” header at the top of this page.

Where is SANTA?
SANTA is located in the Department of Pediatrics at the UW School of Medicine, Seattle, WA.

Please direct initial enquiries to SANTA staff via email. We will follow up with you by phone or email as soon as we are able, and usually within 24 hours.