The ImageCORE Microscopy Facility is committed to offering the finest in digital microscopy equipment and quality control to investigators affiliated with the University of Washington and private industry. We offer imaging resources for brightfield, DIC, epifluorescent and confocal microscopy. Further, we offer immunocytometry and digital gel imaging capabilities. In addition to these imaging resources, we maintain image analysis systems for post-processing and a dedicated network for data storage services.

Our facility operates with a modular approach. Investigators are asked to acquire data at any of our acquisition stations and store their data on our network server. We then ask that the investigators use our highly capable image analysis workstations for processing and quantification of their data. We feel this offers our users the most efficient workflow as well as reducing overall costs incurred by all parties.

Digital Imaging
Digital imaging resources within the ImageCORE include microscopes equipped for brightfield, DIC, phase and epifluorescent imaging. The ImageCORE provides three nikon microscopes: Nikon Eclipse 90i, Nikon Eclipse Ti-E, and Nikon Eclipse E-800. Each microscope is connected to the ImageCORE network via a dedicated image acquisition computer running Nikon Elements AR. In addition to these traditional microscopes and capture systems, the ImageCORE offers a Nikon Coolscope for efficient and automated acquisition of specimens in the brightfield regime.

In addition the Nikon microscopes, the ImageCORE also offers an MCID Densitometry and Fluorescent microscope. The system includes calibrations and corrections that are easily applied to yield precise quantitative and semiquantitative data and can be used with a wide variety of cameras, scanners and phosphor images. The MCID Fluorescence System captures, analyzes and manipulates fluorescence images with ease. Measure label intensity, combine discrete fluors, use for co-localization and clarify using digital deconvolution.

In the case of gel digital imaging, the ImageCORE provides a Biorad ChemiDoc XRS system. The ChemiDoc is a fully self contained system allowing investigators to image western blotting, nucleic acid detection, 2-D gel electrophoresis, dot blotting, densitometry, and colony counting.

Laser Capture Microdisection
The ImageCORE offers aLeica LMD 7000 for Laser Capture Microdisection. The system provides specimen collection by gravity both contact-free and contamination-free. Laser Microdissection makes it possible to distinguish between relevant and non-relevant cells or tissues. It enables the researcher to obtain homogeneous, ultra-pure samples from heterogeneous starting material. Researchers can selectively and routinely analyze regions of interest down to single cells from all kinds of tissues, even living cells from cell culture, to obtain results that are relevant, reproducible, and specific.

Confocal Imaging
The ImageCORE offers a Leica SP5 II Confocal. The system covers a broad range of requirements in confocal imaging with the full array of scan speeds at highest resolution (up to 4K). With its high-efficiency SP detection (five channels simultaneously) and the Acousto-Optical Beam Splitter, the system delivers bright, noise-free images with minimal photo damage at high speed. The optional Leica HyD offers fully multi-spectral imaging and records with hundreds of photon counts per second addressing very bright and dynamic samples including single photon sensitivity.

Flow Cytometry
In addition to traditional immunofluroescence microscopy, the ImageCORE is pleased to offer investigators a flow cytometry resource. Currently we have a Becton Dickinson FACS Calibur cytometer with the optional cell-sorter apparatus. The system has the capability to image 4-colors using one of the four on-board lasers.

Image Analysis
For post-processing of images and quantitative analysis, the ImageCORE offers image analysis workstations. Analysis workstations are maintained to the highest standard regarding both hardware and software. We have 3 analysis workstations outfitted with the complete Microsoft Office 2010 Suite, Adobe Photoshop CS5, ImageJ, and Nikon Elements BR.