charter statement

Established in 1989, the Imaging Research Laboratory is a multidisciplinary team committed to advancing tomographic medical imaging which uses ionizing radiation. In collaboration with clinical, academic, and industrial partners, the IRL addresses all levels of this challenge through the following aims: to develop innovative instrumentation and methods, to construct analysis and evaluation tools, to serve as a training facility for new imaging scientists, and to translate developments to preclinical and clinical applications for improved healthcare.

current research focus areas
PET and SPECT Scanner
Simulation Packages
Quantitative PET/CT
and SPECT/CT Imaging
Detector and Timing Electronics
and Data Acquisition Systems
Imaging Integration with
Radiation Treatment Planning
Novel PET system designs for preclinical
and application-specific imaging
Dedicated Breast PET coupled to X-RAY Mammography (Breast PET/X)
Cancer Imaging Research Protocols
and Clinical Trials Using PET/CT





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