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December 1, 2017

"Is there a Doctor in the house..?

You'd better believe there is!

Congratulations to Tzu-Chen "Efren" Lee! The IRL's most newly-minted PhD in BioEngineering!

Dr. Lee successfully defended his thesis...

"CT-based Attenuation Correction for the Respiratory Motion and Low-dose PET/CT Imaging"

...before a panel of experts, and a packed house full of friends and colleagues, in Foege Hall on Friday afternoon.

It takes years of hard-work and dedication to reach such a lofty milestone. We could not be more proud of Efren and all of his great work.

Dr. Lee will lend his talents to, and continue his work with, Toshiba Medical Systems in Chicago, Illinois.


October 20, 2017

Mark Muzi awarded first NCI Research Specialist Award

Congratulations to Mark Muzi, recipient of the first NCI Research Specialist (Core-based Scientist) Award (R50). The R50 award provides more than $1.2 million in funding over five years. The Research Specialist Award is designed to encourage the development of stable research career opportunities for exceptional scientists who want to continue to pursue research within the context of an existing NCI-funded basic, translational, clinical or population science cancer research program, but not serve as independent investigators. These scientists, such as researchers within a core/shared resource/central scientific support, are vital to sustaining the biomedical research enterprise. The Research Specialist Award is intended to provide salary support and sufficient autonomy so that individuals are not solely dependent on NCI grants held by others for career continuity. Mark Muzi has outstanding credentials for this award based on his data analysis activities. He was part of the PET Cancer P01 led by Kenneth Krohn since 1988. Mark has built an impressive bibliography and is frequently invited to lecture at Society of Nuclear Medicine and World Molecular Imaging Congress meetings and at each of the semi-annual ECOG-ACRIN meetings. He is on several review panels for these organizations which has led to his being invited to share his expertise in data analysis and modeling with investigators at other universities. Mark has most recently been involved with NCI-funded grants led by Paul Kinahan.


March 16, 2017

Efren Lee

Ph.D. student Efren Lee works to improve PET/CT gold standard, safety


August 30, 2016

Congratulations to all of our Summer Interns who have successfully completed the 10-week intensive research and educational program!

This marks the 5th year that the IRL has hosted a group of summer interns. Representing a diverse group of exceptional students from both the University of Washington and from colleges and universities across the United States. The ongoing success of this program can largely be attributed to the impressive degree of talent, intellect, and scholastic determination exhibited by each successive group of student recruits. It is our sincerest hope that this valuable program continue to grow and thrive in the years to come. Affording budding scientists from all walks of life the opportunity to hone their particular skills, learn a little something new, and hopefully be able to apply the knowledge gained towards whatever their future pursuits may be. Thanks to all the interns who have made this year such a success.

Summer Interns Graduation

(From left: IRL Director & UW School of Medicine, Radiology Department, Vice Chair of Research - Dr. Paul Kinahan, Summer Interns - Payton Christiano & Lysia Li, Summer Intern Program Director, Dr. Larry Pierce)

June 17, 2016

Congratulations to Doctor Kristen Wangerin!
Kristen Presents
Kristen Happy

On the morning of Friday, June 17, 2016, the IRL's own Kristen Wangerin successfully defended her Doctoral Thesis,

"Virtual Clinical Trials in PET Imaging for Improved Diagnosis of and Evaluation of Therapies for Cancer."

If you see Kristen, please congratulate her on the successful culmination of years of dedication, hard work, and ingenuity. May she always bear her post-nominal "PhD" with pride!


May 26, 2016

On May 25, 2016, BioEngage hosted an imaging symposium:

"Imaging Tools: Delivering on the Promise of Precision Cancer Treatment"

Including many participants from the IRL and Radiation Oncology!

Alessio & St James Panel Efren Lee Presents

Adam Alessio and Sara St. James participated in the panel on "Barriers to Clinical Acceptance"

We presented four posters: Efren Lee (Pictured here), Ruoqiao Zhang, Geng Zeng, & Kristen Wangerin.
Nyflot Presents Hunter Presents
William Hunter and Matt Nyflot gave great talks on PET/X and Radiation Therapy
February 8, 2016

The IRL is now looking for interns for Summer 2016!

For more information, click here.

To apply to the Summer Internship Program, send a resume and cover letter with a list of relevant courses that you have taken to

Interns Wanted Logo


December 1, 2015

Welcome the latest addition to the IRL Team

Senior Research Fellow, Ruoqiao Zhang!

Ruoqiao Zhang

Dr. Zhang comes to UW from Purdue University in Indiana, where he recently completed his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He has worked primarily in the areas of tomographic reconstruction and medical image processing under the supervision of Prof. Charles Bouman, collaborating with Prof. Ken Sauer from Notre Dame and Dr. Jean-Baptiste Thibault from GE Healthcare. His research experience includes dual-energy CT reconstruction, low-dose CT signal recovery and reconstruction, and image prior model design. He will be a valuable addition to our Lab. We look forward to what is sure to be a long series of future contributions and collaborations. When you see him, make sure you have a chance to welcome him to his new home in the Pacific Northwest!

November 12, 2015

Welcome Claudia de Molina!

Claudia de Molina

Visiting International Research Scholar from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Link to Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Homepage

Claudia will be studying with the IRL from November 12th through March 11th. If you see her, be sure to give her a great big Husky "Hola!"


The IRL's own Kristen Wangerin will be the graduate student lead for non-invasive therapy and diagnostics section of the new BioEngage program of the UW Department of Bioengineering!

The goal of this program is to develop and strengthen relationships between faculty and students and industry, alumni, and other research organizations.  Faculty and students will work together to hold panels, symposia, company visits, meet-ups, and other activities.

Link to BioEngage Site

BioEngage Banner

November 26, 2014
Arrivederci to our visiting scholars
Esther Ciarrocchi and Matteo Morrocchi!

After 7 months here in the lab, these scholars head back to their home and university in Pisa, Italy.

We celebrate with some Italian cuisine and Thanksgiving flair before the holiday weekend.


Happy Thanksgiving from the IRL!


Novemeber 14, 2014
First Annual IRL Night!

As Seattle was the host city this year for the
IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium & Medical Imaging Conference

we took it upon ourselves to recruit as many IRL members (past and present)
in attendance for the conference to get together for an evening of food and fun.

We celebrated previous accomplishments and toasted to future successes.
Thanks to all those who came out to celebrate!

And special thanks to Nathan Bell for planning such a fun event!



irl04 irl05
irl06 irl07
irl08 irl09


Novemebr 7, 2014
Congrats to IRL Graduate Students
Kristen Wangerin and Efren Lee!
Kristen and Efren took 2nd and 3rd place in the
Best Young Investigators Presentation at the NWAAPM

Kristen Wangerin, Department of Radiology, University of Washington
Improving Lesion Detectability in Breast Cancer by Optimizing PET Imaging Time

Tzu-Cheng(Efren) Lee, Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington
"Impact of CT Attenuation Correction Method on Quantitative Respiratory-correlated (4D) PET/CT Imaging"


The Northwest Chapter of the AAPM celebrated this Fall meeting by
honoring Marie Curie and Advances in Cancer Radiation Treatment.

Congratulations to Kristen and Efren
and fellow graduate students Chengeng Zeng and Laurie Zhang
for their excellent contributions!


Novemebr 2014
The IRL recently signed an MOU with Yonsei University
We are delighted to collaborate with such a distinguished group and look forward to
continued successes and learning opportunites with Yonsei faculty, staff and students.

The University of Washington Imaging Research Laboratory Department of Radiology has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Radiological Science of Yonsei University. The first signing occurred at Yonsei University on September 16, 2014. A second signing occurred at the University of Washington on October 3, 2014.


Pictured in the top photo are Dr. Norman Beauchamp Jr. (left, seated), Chair Department of Radiology, University of Washington; Dr. Yong Hyun Chung (right, seated), Associate Professor of Radiological Science, Yonsei University; Dr. Paul Kinahan (left, standing), Professor of Radiology and Director of Imaging Research Laboratory, University of Washington; and Dr. Robert Miyaoka (right, standing), Research Professor of Radiology, University of Washington.



October 14, 2014
Hey, it's Nuclear Science Week!

Seattle, Washington has been chosen as the host city for
2014 Nuclear Science Week’s largest celebration event.

A two-day public symposium will be hosted the week before Nuclear Science Week at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. Interested individuals can pre-register for this FREE symposium, held on Thursday, October 16, and Friday, October 17.

Topics discussed include:

Nuclear in Pop Culture: Evolving Narratives About Energy
The Energy Assembly Line: Advanced Manufacturing in Reducing Global Carbon Emissions
Frontiers in Nuclear: Space, Evolution, Medicine and Beyond
Energy and Opportunity: Training and Careers in Tomorrow’s Nuclear World


June 2014
Blind coffee taste test yields favorable result


From left to right: Tony's (Bellinham, WA), Peets Coffee (Berkeley, CA), Caffe Vita (Seattle), Zabars (New York City), Philz (San Francisco),
Zoka (Seattle), Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie (Vashon Island, WA), Mohawk (upstate New York), Secretly Sourced Sumatra (top secret location),
Ritual (San Francisco). Not pictured: Starbucks (Seattle)

In a rigorous 6 day, 10 roast challenge, IRL members participated in a blind taste test of some of the country's best coffee. From small east coast roasters (Mohawk) to our local coffee conglomerate (Starbucks), we put these blends to the test.

In a nail biting finale, Seattle's very own Caffe Vita
beat San Francisco's Ritual Coffee by one vote.

This certianly wasn't the first time Seattle has defeated SanFrancisco,
and just like the Seahawks, some of us are still glowing from the victory.

Congrats Caffe Vita!


Congratulations Dr. Larry MacDonald!

PETX Banner

Whose PET/X research startup has been featured on the UW Homepage and the subject of a UW "Be Boundless" news video. See the whole story, and video, here:


May 2014
Take us out to the ball game!


ms1 ms2

Lab members enjoy a beautiful Spring night at Safeco field.

Go Mariners!


May 2014

Congratulations to Steve Bowen!

The RSNA Research & Education Foundation's study sections have
completed the review and scoring of the 2014 grant applications.
Dr. Bowen's RSNA Research Scholar Grant application
was among the top-ranked and approved for funding!

With a record-setting 264 grant applications
and one of the most competitive years in the
Foundation’s history, we are very
proud of his accomplishment.



May 2014

Congratulations to Adam Alessio for the public launch of his
Nuclear Medicine Radiation Dose Tools!

Available on the SNMMI website
and linked on our service page
as well as Professor Alessio's website


May 2014


Congrats to Steve Bowen and team on their featured article on Medical Physics Web: "PET/CT: will respiratory gating help?" - March 19, 2014

"To develop their predictive model, the researchers used PET/CT data from 22 lung and liver cancer patients. They reconstructed static and gated PET images, and determined the image quality in terms of peak standardized uptake value (SUVpeak) for all lesions-of interest."

To read the full article, click here.

The research team in front of the PET/CT scanner; the infrared camera that records the respiratory signal is mounted on the patient table. Left to right: University of Washington faculty Hubert J Vesselle, W Art Chaovalitwongse, Stephen R Bowen, George A Sandison, Paul E Kinahan and Thomas J Grabowski. Shouyi Wang, from the University of Texas, Austin, is shown in the insert.


April 29, 2014

We are excited to announce the Grand Opening of our "Front Lab!"

A new space dedicated to ongoing and upcoming research projects.
Many thanks to all those who participated in the development of this lab, in particular:

Tom Grabowski, Professor, Radiology and Neurology
Kevin Conley, Professor, Radiology
Dr. Joseph Rajendran, Professor, Radiology and Radiation Oncology (Along with Sujit Pal, Research Scientist, Radiology & Carolyn Thostenson, Research Scientist, Nuclear Medicine)
Riki Stevens, Assistant Director, Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences and I-LABS Group
Katherine Chaisson-Ward, Manager of Construction Services, School of Medicine/ Deans Office / Office of Facilities
Norm Beauchamp, Professor And Chairman, Radiology
Dr. Satoshi Minoshima, Professor, Vice Chair for Research, Radiology
Ed Smith, Director UWSOM Radiology
Justin Deese, Assistant Director, Radiology

(pictures shown below of the grand opening celebration)
Faculty and staff shared their appreciation as well as research activities that will take place in the new space

newlab1 newlab2
newlab3 newlab4
newlab5 newlab6


April 2014

Congrats to IRL Fellow, Mike Bindschadler and team for their article "Comparison of blood flow models and acquisitions for quantitative myocardial perfusion estimation from dynamic CT" as it was chosen as a featured article by PMB!


Featured Articles is a free service from IOP Journals comprising high-quality articles chosen by editors and referees for their novelty, high level of interest and potential impact on future research.


Congrats Mike!


February 2014

The IRL is now looking for interns for Summer 2014!

click here for more information

To apply to the Summer Internship Program, send a resume and cover letter with a list of relevant courses that you have taken to



January 2014

We are excited to announce our collaboration with the University of Pisa's Functional Imaging and Instrumentation Group. We look forward to continued successes with this distinguished department.

FIIG is lead by Dr. Alberto del Guerra.

We anticipate the arrival of two of the group's members for an extended stay here in our lab.




December 2013

Several Members of the Lab recently attended the IEEE conference in Seoul, Korea.

Thanks to all those who participated and so kindly welcomed the Faculty and Research Scientists into thier homes and city.


IRL Members pictured above: Paul Kinahan, PhD; Robert Miyaoka, PhD; Soo Mee Kim, PhD

For information on presenations, posters and other IRL contributions reach out to Paul Kinahan, director of the IRL.


Congratulations to Adam Alessio
and co-authors!

Their paper in the Journal of Nuclear Cardiology was selected by the associate editors and ad hoc judges as the best technical paper published in the JNC during the past year.


asnc logo

Validation of an axially distributed model for quantification of myocardial blood flow using 13N-ammonia PET.

Adam M. Alessio PhD, James B. Bassingthwaighte MD, PhD, Robb Glenny MD, James H. Caldwell MD

Volume 20, Issue 1/February, 2013





June 2013

Welcome to the IRL!
A new group of undergraduate and graduate student interns have joined the lab for the summer.

The interns will help with many projects across several disciplines. From detector evaluation techniques to characterization of noise in low-dose imaging as well as compiliation of a large scale image database.

As part of the labs goal to educate and train new imaging scientists, we gladly welcome thier talents and time.





Pictured: Mathias Darr, senior - Physics at WWU; Daniel Colón, senior - BioE at UW; Kole Degolier, UW; Jae Kon Bae, Univ. of KoreaNhat-Cuong Ly, sophmore - EE at UW
Not Pictured: David Perlmutter, grad student - EE at UW



June 2013



Congrats to Tom Lewellen!

Recipient of the 2013 Edward J. Hoffman Memorial Award

Many members of the lab are headed to the 2013 Annual SNMMI Conference in Vancouver, BC. We look forward to both the teaching and learning opportunites. Topics presented by IRL members include:

  • Edward J. Hoffman Memorial Award Lecture: Trends in Detector Design and Electronics for High- Resolution PET - Tom Lewellen, PhD

  • Survey of radiopharmaceutical dosing strategies
    for bone and PET scans - Adam Alessio, PhD

  • Characterization of partial volume errors
    in PET through analytic simulation - Darrin Byrd, MS

  • Radiologist interpretation of PEM images vs. image count
    density and FDG uptake time - Lawrence MacDonald, PhD

  • Investigating the stability of two SPECT/CT systems for quantitative imaging - Wendy McDougald, MS


Former lab member, Ting Xia's paper - Ultra-low dose CT attenuation correction for PET/CT ranks in the TOP TEN most downloaded papers of 2012. Congrats Ting! pmb_IOP

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