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IRL faculty appointed guest lectures scheduled weekly and open to visitors

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Upcoming seminars

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Dec. 12 2:00 pm

Prof. Dr. Stefaan Vandenberghe,
Head of Medical Image and Signal Processing, Ghent University

"Molecular Imaging Technology at Ghent University"



Past seminars

Dec. 1 11:00 am

Bruno De Man, PhD
Acting Operations Leader, Radiation Systems
Senior Principal Engineer, Imaging Algorithms
Research Portfolio Leader, CT
GE Global Research

"Machine Learning in Computed Tomography"

Oct. 12 1:30 pm

Mónica Abella García, Ph.D., Departamento de Bioingeniería e Ingeniería Aeroespacial, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

"Ongoing Research Projects in Algorithm Developments for X-ray Systems"
July 27 2:15 pm

Jennifer Templeton, PhD, Professor of Biology, Knox College (Illinois) & James Mountjoy, PhD, Associate Professor and Chair of Biology, Knox College (Illinois)

“Visual Mate Choice Lateralization in Gouldian and Zebra Finches”


Dec. 10 1:30 pm Thomas Humphries, Assistant Professor Division of Engineering and Mathematics School of STEM, University of Washington Bothell "Reconstruction of CT Images from Sparse-View Polyenergetic Data Using Total Variation Minimization"
Jan. 14 1:30 pm Andrea Hawkins-Daarud, PhD Department of Neurological Surgery Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, AZ "Understanding Uncertainty in Predictions of a Glioblastoma Growth Model using Bayesian Calibration"
Sept. 4th 1:30 pm Journal Club "Misalignments calibration in small-animal PET scanners based on rotating planar detectors and parallel-beam geometry"
August 21st 1:30 pm Sara St. James, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (SOM) and Medical Physicist (Radiation Oncology)
Instrumentation to Improve Spatial Resolution and Sensitivity in Small Animal PET
August 8th 1:30 pm Kyle Champley, PhD
Research Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
(and former UW IRL graduate student)
Reconstruction Software for the PET/X System
July 31st 1:30 pm Patrick True, PhD
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Michigan State University
The ATLAS Level-1 Topological Processor Upgrade
July 24th 1:30 pm Darshana Naik, MSPT, OCS, CMDT
Action-Reaction Physical Therapy in Greenlake
Office and Lab Space Ergonomics and Injury Prevention
July 8th 2 pm Geng Zeng PhD Qualifiying Exam Practice
July 10th 1:30 pm Jerry Jarvik Radiology Outcomes
June 26th 1:30 pm Fei Young Image Textureal Analysis
June 19th 1:30 pm Alan Kalet Automated Modeling of Probabilistic Knowledge in Radiation Oncology
May 29 1:30 pm Michael R. Bailey, Research Engineer, Applied Physics Laboratory Automatic detection and sizing of
kidney stones with ultrasound
May 15 1:30 pm Adrian “KC” Lee, Director of Laboratory for Auditory Brain Sciences and Neuroengineering at I-LABS, and UW Assistant Professor in SPHSC Using MEG to Capture Cortical Dynamics
May 8 1:30 pm Steven Gillispie Private Data, Secret Codes, and You
May 1 1:30 pm Michelle Wanner & Wendy McDougald Radiation Safety in the Nuclear Medicine Clinic
April 24 1:30 pm Visiting UW Scholar, Yong Hyun Chung, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Dept. of Radiological Science, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea Current Research Projects in Molecular
Imaging Lab, Yonsei University
April 17 1:30 pm William Hunter, PhD SPECT Detectors
April 10 1:30 pm Shirin Feghhi, ME Doctoral Student TBD
April 3 1:30 pm Laurie (Zhang, Jie), Graduate Research Assistant Emission Computed Tomography Simulation, Reconstruction, and Quality Analysis
March 24 1:30 pm J. Webster Stayman, PhD Advanced model-based reconstruction: Integrating patient anatomy, treatment plan, and diagnostic task into image formation
March 20 1:30 pm Habib Rahbar, MD Improving DCIS Treatment Outcomes with MRI
March 13 1:30 pm Juergen Meyer, PhD Patient Positioning Monitoring in Radiation Oncology
March 7 1:30 pm Kristen Wangerin Qualifying Exam Practice
Feb 27 1:30 pm Robert Miyaoka, PhD Detector Electronics and Signal Processing: Beyond the Basics

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