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Sciences Minority Students Program

In 1978, recognizing the need for increased minority participation in health related professional fields, the University of Washington Health and Sciences Minority Students Program (H&S-MSP) was initiated. Today the H&S-MSP is located in the Warren B. Magnuson Health Center, Room T341.

An advocacy program, the H&S-MSP supports high school through professional/graduate school students in fulfilling their career goals through innovative support programming and academic counseling.

The goals and objectives of the H&S-MSP are reflective of the needs identified by students of color, academic advisers, counselors, faculty, and administrative staff within the various health sciences schools and departments. This alliance with the various schools and departments, as well as with other programs for minority, underrepresented, and disadvantaged students, has allowed for continual updating of program components which assist students of color in successfully meeting the challenges within the academic setting.

T341 Health Sciences Center
Box 356355
Seattle, Washington 98195-6355
VM: (206) 685 - 1834
FAX: (206) 221 - 7720