The Soldotna rotation was amazing and I would highly recommend it! I was there this past April and had a blast. I worked primarily with John Bramante who is a former UW grad / chief and all around an awesome doc. Good learning in a relaxed environment with opportunities to manage a broad scope of problems. For example, I had a chance to evaluate and manage new hep B, hep C, sarcoidosis, Addison’s disease, possible carcinoid, and a variety of malignancies. You can learn more about doing endoscopy, echos, and stress tests. There is a good mix of conferences. Overall, this rotation has great work/life balance and there is plenty of time to explore Soldontna and surrounding towns. Scenery is breath-taking and there are hikes galore. See rave reviews by other residents as well.

View from backyard of the apartment.

Kenai coast line 

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