The Sheridan VA Medical Center, once a frontier cavalry fort (Fort Mackenzie), offers state of the art health care with new or newly remodeled facilities to veterans throughout a large rural area. The Medical Center is recognized as an up-to-date neuro-psychiatric, medical, and nursing home care facility with staff specialties in Psychiatry, Acute and subacute Medicine, Substance Abuse Treatment, and a full range of ancillary services including diagnostic laboratory, echocardiography, radiology, respiratory therapy, and physical and occupational therapy. The rotation will consist of working in parallel with a friendly group of 5 Internists and 3 Family Practitioners in a community setting in a busy outpatient clinic where pathology abounds. This is primary care at its best, as the resident will learn to take care of the whole patient, often from start to finish, as specialists are not always readily available in this rural setting. The rotation would allow for some inpatient care as the patients are admitted to the hospital, as well as exposure to important procedures including exercise treadmill tests, and upper and lower endoscopies. Some call would be available, but not necessary. Housing will be available on campus.

Sheridan is a historic town in the heart of the Old West in Northern Wyoming at the foot of the majestic Big Horn Mountains. These mountains begin with green rolling foothills which ascend over 13,000 feet to the top of the majestic Clouds Peak. The mountains are beautiful and undiscovered gems which offer unprecedented vistas of breathtaking canyons, wild flowered meadows, alpine lakes and peaks. Weekend activities might include nearby hiking, backpacking in the Wilderness Area, mountain biking, fascinating geological formations, fly fishing, snowmobiling, downhill and cross county skiing. If none of the above suits you, one can attend the local theater, play at one of three first class golf courses, catch a Polo match at the local Equestrian Center, or explore one of the local battlefields including Little Big Horn Battle Field.


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Rural (16,000)

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Wendell Robison, MD

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