Preparing for Interviews


Medical School Interviews

Part I Part 2

Residency Interviews

Part I Part 2

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    The Following two lectures were created for you by the University of Washington as a service to you as you prepare for interviews to enter medical school or for you if you are a medical student and preparing for your residency interviews. Please be aware that every effort was made to make this as informative and useful as possible. However, as in any overview of a complicated subject, it cannot prepare you for very situation, so be sure to collect other opinions on these subjects. Be particularly aware of the potential time sensitivity of these issues. This tape was created in May, 2004 and may well be relevant long after that date, but things change and unfortunately this web based lecture will not change with the times. So enjoy it but be sure you are soliciting input from others to round this information out and confirm that it is still relevent to your needs.


    This tape was created by Dan Hunt, MD, who served as the University of Washington's School of Medicine Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for 17 years. Assisting him in Part I and acting the role of a pre-med student is Felicity Abeyta.