Teen Marijuana Check-Up Implementation


TMCU4 Intervention Manual (Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

This manual provides a brief overview of the Teen Marijuana Check Up Intervention used in the 4th trial. It covers basic Motivational Interviewing principles, describes the 2 session intervention, and details the optional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions provided to students interested in skills that target reducing marijuana use.

Personalized Feedback Report - Blank

Students complete this short paper and pencil assessment that provides answers used to populate the Personalized Feedback Report.  The PFR is used in intervention session 2.

Personalized Feedback Report Creation Guide

This Guide provides step by step instructions on how to use the information gathered in the PFR Assessment tool to populate the PFR.

Personalized Feedback Report - paper version

This document is where you input the student’s answers to create a Personalized Feedback Report.

Online Assessment and Personalized Feedback Report Creation Tool

If you would like access to an online version of the Personalized Feedback Report Assessment and Report Creation tool, you can email us at tmcu5@uw.edu. We will add you as a provider to our system. This allows you to access an online assessment where you can set up a student with an individualized assessment and that assessment leads into their unique PFR.

TMCU Recruitment Manual

A unique feature of the TMCU is the ability to attract voluntary participation from non-treatment seeking students. This manual describes the strategies used to confidentially inform students about the TMCU opportunity.

TMCU Powerpoint Classroom Presentation

One main strategy used to recruit students was a PowerPoint presentation. It covers the health and psychological effects of marijuana, gives students a feel for the non-judgmental stance of the TMCU, and provides an overview of the TMCU intervention. It doubles as a prevention tool.












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