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Consultation services

Consultation services regarding appropriate research designs, methods, and data analysis techniques are provided to assist investigators. Consulting services provide scientific, management, and budgetary information to affiliates as they develop new proposals. Advice and counsel on appropriate experimental designs, methods, and statistical approaches are provided to affiliates who are unfamiliar with the unique characteristics of developmental research using primates. Consultations regarding project management and resources are also provided during project development and implementation. Assistance is provided for developing appropriate budgets for new proposals. Estimates of animal costs and costs for equipment, supplies, and personnel are typically provided. Assistance is also provided for completing the required Animal Care and Use paperwork as well as forms required by the Primate Center and CHDD. Sharing of personnel, supplies, and equipment is typically arranged to reduce the cost of projects. In sum, these services provide affiliate investigators with the information that is necessary to develop strong research proposals and to assist them in implementing projects in a timely and efficient manner.

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