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Historic and concurrent data

Historic and concurrent data are typically utilized by investigators in pilot studies for grant proposals. The data also allow investigators to examine the variability that is normally observed in the attainment of important developmental milestones, providing a strong foundation for the estimation of the numbers of animals required for individual studies. These pilot data are critical for grant submissions in today’s competitive environment. The data have also been the source for several publications regarding the natural growth and development of laboratory reared macaques as well as the basis for recent efforts to quantify the contribution of genetic variance in a wide range of behavioral and health-related phenotypes. An excellent example of the use of these data can be found in Dr. Gene Sackett’s book entitled “Nursery Rearing of Nonhuman Primates in the 21st Century” (Springer, 2006) as well as in numerous publications over the years (see IPRL bibliography). Investigators interested in discussing availability of normative data should contact us at

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