Instructions to change OUTLOOK server name:

1.       Close the Outlook application first

2.       Click Start button for windows:    

3.       Click Control Panel and this dialog will open, click ‘Mail (32-bit)’:


4.       This Dialog will appear: 

5.       Click the E-Mail account button:



6.       If you get the following message – please click “work offline”


7.       This Dialog will appear, Double click on your email address and this dialog will appear:


8.       Change the enter to ‘’  (Note: it may be ‘’ or ‘’ change it to ‘’)

9.       Once you have the filed filled in correctly then Click the ‘Check Name’ button to ensure that it worked.

10.   Click on ‘Next >’ and the congratulations screen will come up, click the ‘Finish’ button

You will know that it worked when you get the below message:

11.   Restart OUTLOOK, it may ask ‘do you want to start it in safe mode – Click ‘NO’ and it should now connect to the new server and open, It may take a few minutes for it to replicate to the new server.

Should you have any issues please contact IS Help