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Current Funding

Initial research and staff funding for the Institute comes from the NIH and HHMI. Total direct and indirect costs of research grants awarded to the faculty is in excess of $30,000,000/year. Since announcing ISCRM in 2006 we have received multiple donations from benefactors, whom we thank for their investment in research leading to new therapies.

The Need For Philanthropy

To bridge the time until federal funding of stem cell research expands, and to quickly establish a critical mass of faculty and research that will compete with stem cell initiatives in other states, we are in pursuit of external philanthropic funds. The categories of expenses for our 5 year budget (details available on request) include anchoring key scientists through endowed chairs, shared technology and cell culture cores, a training core to enable dissemination of stem cell technology and use throughout the University, seed grants to promote novel research on stem cells throughout the University, and research operating expenses that includes specific stem cell projects that are ineligible for external funding.

Long-term funding will come from NIH grants, the HHMI, and possibly state sources. We emphasize that without philanthropy the University program to promote stem cell research and regenerative medicine will not last the expected 3-5 years until the environment for federal funding of this research is expected to improve. Thus the need for initial funding to help sustain the Institute, a period of intermediate funding based on philanthropy, and then a transition to normal historical sources of support.

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