Institute for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine

at the University of Washington

Stem Cell Course

Stem Cells in Development and Regeneration

CONJ 530 - 3 Credits - Winter 2017

Date and Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays - 10:00-11:30am
Location: SLU, Building E, conference room E103
Instructors: Prof. Hannele Ruohola-Baker and Prof. Carol Ware


Course description: In this class we will discuss three topics: the recent findings on adult and embryonic stem cell classes and their niches, on epigenetic control of stem cells and stem cells in human disease. 

Learning objectives: After this class, students should have a solid foundation on stem cell biology, epigenetic analysis and regulation of stem cells and human diseases connected to stem cell biology. 

Course materials and/or textbooks: The course will go through recent seminal papers on stem cell biology.

Course requirements, examinations and grading: Students will develop a stem cell research proposal at the end of the quarter with the help of a chosen faculty member, write a one-page abstract on the idea and present the proposal to the class. 

50% participation including discussions on the papers
50% final project and presentation

Lecture schedule:
January 3-26: Recent findings on adult and embryonic stem cell classes and their niches
January 31-February 9: Epigenetic control of Stem Cells
February 14-23: Stem Cells in disease and regeneration
Febuary 28-March 9: Finals