2007 Stem Cell Meeting

Monday, November 5, 2007
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Hogness Auditorium & Health Sciences Lobby
Health Sciences Building, A420


Schedule of Talks:

All Talks take place in Hogness Auditorium

11:00 – 12:30     Session 1    Chair: Renee LeBoeuf, PhD

Introduction to ISCRM
Tony Blau, MD; Chuck Murry, MD, PhD    Co-Directors

Why Does a Hematologist Care About hESCs?
Tony Blau, MD, UW Hematology

Of Mice, Dogs, and Men: A Tour of the Torok-Storb Lab
Beverly Torok-Storb, PhD, FHCRC

The Human Embryonic Stem Cell Core
Carol Ware, PhD, UW Comparative Medicine

GMP Grade Gene Modified Stem Cells for Clinical Trials
Pam Becker, MD, PhD, UW Hematology

Homing Endonucleases as Tools for Stem Cell Genome Engineering
Andrew M. Scharenberg, MD, Children’s Hosp

Aging, Neural Progenitor Cells and Glioma Model
Robert Rostomily, MD, Neurological Surgery

UW Leadership:
Phyllis Wise, Provost


1:00 – 2:30     Session 2    Chair: Patrick Stayton, PhD

Hemopoietic differentiation from human ES cells
Thalia Papayannopoulou, MD, UW Hematology

Genetic Manipulation of hESCs
David Russell, MD, PhD, UW Hematology

Stromal/Epithelial Interaction in Differentiation
Alvin Liu, PhD, UW Urology

MicroRNAs in hESCs
Muneesh Tewari, PhD, FHCRC

MicroRNA Function in Stem Cells
Hannele Ruohola-Baker, PhD, UW Biochemistry

Epigenetic Profiles of Cell Development and Disease
Anton Krumm, PhD, UW Radiation Oncology

In vivo Formation of Pancreatic Beta Cells
Marika Bogdani, MD, PhD, UW Metabolism, Endocrinology & Nutrition

Improving Retroviral Vector Expression and Safety with Chromatin Insulators
David Emery, PhD, UW Medical Genetics


3:00 – 4:20     Session 3    Chair:  Steve Tapscott, MD, PhD

Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis: Progenitor Cells and Transcription Factors
Robert Hevner, MD, PhD, UW Pathology

Drosophila Intestinal Stem Cells
Bruce Edgar, PhD, FHCRC

Whole Body Regeneration in Colonial Ascidians
Billie Swalla, PhD, UW Biology

Myogenic Stem Cells in Adult Skeletal Muscle
Zipora Yablanka-Reuveni, PhD, UW Biological Structure

Stem Cells From Adult Skeletal Muscle
Morayma Reyes, MD, PhD, UW Pathology

Stem Cells and the Cardiovascular System
Chuck Murry, MD, PhD, UW Pathology

Regulatory Gene Cassettes for Expression in Striated Muscles
Steve Hauschka, PhD, UW Biochemistry


4:50 – 6:00     Session 4    Chair: Jenny Stone, PhD

Genetically Engineered Molecular Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine
Mehmet Sarikaya, PhD, UW Materials Science & Eng

hESC-derived Endothelial Cells for Tissue Engineering Applications
Marta Scatena, PhD, UW bioengineering

Proteomic Interrogation of Stem Cell Biology
Qiang Tian, MD, PhD, Institute for Systems Biology

Wnt Signaling and Regeneration
Cristi Stoick-Cooper, PhD, UW Pharmacology

ISCRM Business
Randy Moon, PhD   Director