Institute for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine

at the University of Washington

Lynn and Mike Garvey Cell Imaging Lab

Instructions for SLU ISCRM Labs

Each person wishing to use the Imaging Facility should email the following information to the Garvey Lab manager, Dale Hailey:

  • User name and status (student, postdoc, technician, faculty)
  • Name of the PI and affiliation with ISCRM
  • Contact information for both user and PI
  • Description of what instrumentation and fluorophores are needed
  • Previous experience/training
  • Brief description of the experiments and relevance to stem cell and regenerative biology which we can report to the donors
  • Type of specimen e.g. cells or tissue sections, living or fixed, each BSL-2 specimen must be note particularly to the managers -- see link

Inquiries from other Labs at SLU

We will consider inquiries from other labs only for use of equipment that is not equivalent to that available at UW Cost Centers. Faculty will need to provide the above information for each proposed research project and describe the relevance of the project to stem cell and regenerative biology or medicine. These applications should be sent to Kris Vosk ( They will be reviewed and prioritized by an ISCRM committee based on the relevance of the project to the mission of ISCRM.


Users must be trained by Dale Hailey PRIOR to operating any equipment. Completion of this training will be communicated to the user in writing or by email.

Sign Up Procedures

Approved users who have completed training may reserve the instruments via an online calendar system and should record their usage on log sheets provided for each instrument. If we encounter substantial delays in people obtaining access we may limit the number of hours per week per lab.


Publications based in part on data from this facility are requested to acknowledge "The imaging studies were supported in part by a gift to the Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine".