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Quellos High Throughput Screening Core

Serving academic, nonprofit, and commercial organizations by combining functional genomics, compound screening, automation, and multiple assay formats to suit your needs. 


Historical Timeline

The two figures below outline the salient milestones of the high throughput screening core facility from the initial inspiration of the Institute’s Founding Director, Dr. Randall Moon to the present day.  The “Early Years” highlight the timing of the initial discussions, vision, laboratory activities and arrival of critical equipment.  The “…to Present” timeline documents some of the milestone studies and activities that have led the core facility to its present day status.  

                          Early Years                                                  Present
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qMDS quantitative Multiple Drug Sensitivity Assays

Characterized compounds from well-respected suppliers (e.g.,, NCI, etc.) run at multiple doses in multiple cell types and biological assay systems.
Rank order potency of a test compound vs all other compounds.
Differential sensitivity across samples for each compound.
Reporting of IC50’s, Min Mix, AUCs and z Scores and other population stats to service the study.

Experience Compound Collections available
Anticancer collections are available at National Cancer Institute and Selleckchem.

Epigenetics, Apoptosis and Stem cell factors

Kinase profiler set 

Spectrum Collection
Custom sets for your research; self-submission or curated from our collections

Institutional Projects and credentials
Treatment for Relapsed/Refractory AML Based on a High Throughput Drug Sensitivity Assay

High Throughput Drug Sensitivity Assay and Genomics- Guided Treatment of Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Acute Leukemia

CLIA certified


Target Validation RNAi

From a single target to 320 in one assay send in your target list and we will customize an inhibitory RNAi array for your experiments.

Choose a cell line from our Tx knowledge base that has been previously shown to be tractable with liposomal mediated functional genomics in our facility.

Assay formats from viability, reporter systems and high content imaging available.

Phenotypic pathway profiling?

Suspension cell lines?  Ask us about the possibilities.


Choose your approach

Many targets across multiple biological systems using conditions previously shown to be tractable for the assay in each system.

Choose cell lines from our Tx knowledge base to test your targets of interest in tandem with assay and biological controls in a dose dependent manner.

Targeted Validation reagents typically used at the QHTS core

Qiagen siRNA
The Quellos HTS core maintains a working relationship with Qiagen as our primary provider for targeted validation siRNA arrays typically allowing bench work to begin within 2 weeks and be completed within the month.

Lipofectamine RNAiMax


Mirus TransIT


Synergy studies

Automated drug combination studies in the context of the Unified Theory Chau Telalay

Combination Index
Dose Reduction Index
RNAi as a synergent? Yes it can be done.



Target discovery RNAi

Coverage of up to 10,000 transcripts

Modifier Assays

Synthetic Lethality

High Content Assays

Multiplexed assays


Lead Compound Generation

Streamline your lead compound development by using our system and collections instead of wasting the resources and time building your own.  

Own the rights to the data and composition of matter derived from your experiments.


SAR Structure–activity relationship 

The Quellos team can help you assay similarity from our collections using your assays to develop and enhance your development programs.


Custom Assay automation

Need help automating your experiments?

Want to remove the variable of different hands on different days?

Prepare titrations in seconds.


High Throughput Imaging GE InCell2000

Tired of chamber slides?

Tired of sitting in a dark room?

Automate your antibody titrations for staining.

Automate the addition of analytes.

Make your imaging objective and quantitative.

Got worms?  We know how to automate your C. Elegans assay as well.