Tom & Sue Ellison Stem Cell Core

The establishment of the Tom & Sue Ellison Stem Cell Core was made possible through a generous gift by Tom & Sue Ellison. The Core’s primary goal is to facilitate and promote the research use of hESCs within the Seattle biomedical community. Toward this end, the core provides assistance with pilot studies to determine the feasibility of a project, to generate preliminary data for grant funding and to allow the initiating lab to determine whether to incorporate hESC culture techniques into their lab.

In addition, the core expands and freezes stocks of characterized and qualified hESC lines for distribution and provides in-core access to lines legally limited to within Core use. hESC-related products and techniques are evaluated as they become available and the core serves as a beta tester for some of these products.

The Core also has a research component focused on improving self-renewal culture of hESCs, by deriving new hESC lines, and by improving induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology.

Core Staff

Carol Ware Carol Ware, PhD
Director, Ellison Stem Cell Core
Professor of Comparative Medicine
Tel: 206-616-5143

Chris Cavanaugh Chris Cavanaugh
Research Scientist III
Tel: 206-221-7986

Jennifer Hesson Jennifer Hesson
Research Scientist II
Tel: 206-685-4541

Savannah Cook Savannah Cook
Research Scientist I
Tel: 206-616-7994

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Seattle, WA 98109