Institute for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine

at the University of Washington

Core Faculty

Deok-Ho Kim PhD

University of Washington
Assistant Professor


Office: 206.616.1133

Dr. Kim's research spans the disciplinary boundaries between biomaterials, nanotechnology, and cell mechanobiology with an emphasis on their applications to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Through the use of multiscale fabrication and integration tools, his research focuses on the development and applications of biomimetic cell culture models and functional tissue engineering constructs for high-throughput drug screening, stem cell-based therapies, disease diagnostics, and medical device development. His research is highly interdisciplinary and aims to investigate how engineered microenvironments can direct stem cell function and tissue regeneration. Several specific thrusts of his current research program include stem/progenitor cell niche engineering, micro- and nanoengineering for cell therapy and cardiovascular tissue engineering, stem cell mechanobiology and mechanotransduction.

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